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About us

Zer0 is the only platform in Romania that aims to find an economical and sustainable solution for urban transport, whether it's to/from work or school, or for any other daily journey.

Zer0 is developed based on very practical approach of ride sharing, the workflow being built from the feedback from commuters who have already tried ridesharing in an offline manner.

Zer0 helps you to saves money, gives stress-free ride, and is good for environment too.

Do you always see the same colleague on your way to work or school?

Why not travel together? You share the same car at the same time and drive to and from work together. Ridesharing means fewer cars on the road and in traffic, which is better for the environment and not to mention the social interaction.


Most travel to work by car alone. If four people shared a car on their commute to work, there would be 70% fewer cars on the road during rush hour. Ridesharing is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet. Choose the sustainable way to commute to work or school! 

Powered by Cambridge Zero/University of Cambridge

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