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Company Benefits


Ridesharing is a proven concept to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This looks great in annual reports and suits your environmental policies.

Reduced costs

Fewer single-person trips reduce the overall fuel consumption of your car fleet. Ridesharing requires fewer parking facilities and reduces maintenance.

Work satisfaction 

Great employers attract great employees. Rideshares increase employee productivity and are a great part of your work benefits package.

Corporate citizenship

Emphasize your corporate social responsibility by minimizing transport emissions. Show commitment by reducing traffic congestions in your region.


Key Features

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GDPR & Privacy

Zer0's been designed with privacy in mind. On top of GDPR compliance, it offers multiple additional privacy features.

Mobile App

To share a ride on a daily basis, your employees use Zer0 app, available on Android and iOS. It's simple, fast and reliable.


We offer 24/7 support for all Users. The app is updated and improved on a regular basis.


Admins get access to robust analytics about their ridesharing operations. Regular users can access their trips history and stats.

Share platform 

By sharing employees routes among all the companies using our service, chances of matching users highly increase. A big advantage over closed platforms

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