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We are here to provide you with all the answers you need to make your user experience all the more enjoyable. Check out our list of most frequently asked questions and let us know if you have any further inquiries. We will be happy to help you. Get in touch with us today to receive all the info you need to reserve your next ride with us.

  •   What price do I pay for sharing a ride with Zer0?

For journeys longer than 61 km, a contribution will be paid to cover part of the fuel costs.
For journeys shorter than 60 km, all Zer0 journeys are free of charge. However, for passengers, in order to be able to book such a trip, a season ticket is required and this will be the only cost.

  • I can't find anyone to share my ride with

Don’t panic, our database is filled with new requests every hour. Come back and take another look, or even easier, make a ride request and you'll receive a notification for every published ride that match your request 

  • Can I use Zer0 for longer trips?

Of course. Even though our main objective is to offer a solution that is both economical for the user and reduces air pollution in large urban agglomerations, Zer0 is available for any kind of travel and distance.

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