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Users Benefits

Save money

Ridesharing with another  person cuts fuel costs up to 98%. And don’t forget the lower maintenance.

Save time

Gain more personal time to spend with friends and family

Gain comfort

Sharing a ride relieves the stress of the daily traffic pain. Reduce the stress of your commute and arrive more relaxed.

Peace of mind

Co-workers sharing their daily rides are significantly happier at work. Personal relationships foster joint projects.

Key Features

GDPR & Privacy

Zer0's been designed with privacy in mind. On top of GDPR compliance, it offers multiple additional privacy features.

Mobile App

To share a ride on a daily basis, users will use Zer0 app, available on Android and iOS. It's simple, fast and reliable.


We offer 24/7 support for all Users. The app is updated and improved on a regular basis.


Every users can access their own trips history and stats.

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